And She’s Four!!

My darling little girl
Look at you here, four weeks old:


We had no idea the joy in store for us when we would hold you for the first time, when God would deliver you to us.  How wise He was, how kind He was, to give us you, sweet girl.  What a bright light you’ve been in our lives.  So full of joy, so hilarious and so dang smart and so strong-willed!  We pray that God gets a hold of your strong will and uses it mightily for His glory, as you have such strength to offer already, in your tiny little precious heart.  You tell me all the time that you love God and that He lives in your heart.  I hope you know how precious that is to your mommy, who wants so much for you to receive the very best in this life, and the very best you can receive is JESUS.  He will make all the good things come true and all the bad things come untrue, as we read so frequently in your little story bible.

This year with you has been a blast.  You’ve been the biggest joy and help to momma during my pregnancy with your little sister, and what a happy big sister you are!  It makes me so happy to see the way you adore your little siblings and take such care with them.  You’ve fallen in love with all things girly and fancy, and I don’t know a single other little girl who is fancier than you right now, other than fancy Nancy herself!  You change outfits approximately 17 times a day, which can sure make me crazy sometimes, but when I stop and just take it in I have to laugh at your creativity and zest.  I’m so glad that you see being a woman, womanhood, and being a momma as something precious and to be treasured and enjoyed, and I hope that doesn’t change!  I love your imagination and your excitement over the smallest and simplest things in life.  I love our snuggles in the morning when you run down the hall to find me on the couch with coffee.  I love dancing with you and twirling you.  I love your love for books (may it never end!) and that we can share in the fun of losing ourselves in a big stack of library books.

You are so special to me.  Even when you are crazy and naughty, which is inevitable given the two parents you came from, I adore you.  I’ll never stop loving you, no matter what, with an always and forever, never stoping, never giving up, unbreakable love.  That’s what it’s like to be a momma.

Happy 4th birthday my little mupsel.

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