He’s Two!

My sweet little man


How are you two already??  This year with you has been the MOST fun.  You learned to walk this year.  You said your first words, now your first sentences.  You’ve begun to reveal more of your little character, your sweet personality.  What a thing it is to have a little man-child.. a little dude who notices every truck, motorcycle, or digger.  You’ve begun to be captured by books this year.  You love being outside and you’re so brave at the park, trying things all by yourself.  You had your first big move to a new house.  You discovered swimming and riding “kykles” this year.  You love helping momma in the kitchen whenever you can (“get the tool (stool) momma?”).  You live to pull all the pillows off the couch and play “jumpey-jump.”  Anytime I say, “It’s so scary, Noah!” you say “s-okay momma!”  If you hear baby girl crying, you run to kiss her and tell her it’s okay.  You became a big brother this year!  And you’re such a good big brother, so careful and tender with your little sis.  You’re still trying to figure out which parts on your body are your ears and which are your eyes.  Every night when we pray, you tell us you’re thankful for Jesus and your favorite songs to sing are “Jesus” (Jesus loves me) and “Zacchaeus.”

family (55 of 80) family (12 of 80)

You’re growing so fast and so big and you’re such a happy little guy.  Momma and Daddy love you so much and we are so very proud of you.

Happy 2nd birthday Noey


2 thoughts on “He’s Two!”

  1. truer words have never been spoken…such a precious little man is our Noah! May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and keep you ever day! Happy Birthday!

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