happy first birthday


My sweet, sweet boy.

You came into our lives at just the right time.  We were filled with wonder and apprehension about a little man joining our family.  Phoebe would always hug my tummy and kiss it and say hello to you, and say “he’s so tiny!”

What a warm snuggly little man you were right from the start.  You were all chub and pudge, just a little butterball to hold and kiss.  We were so thankful for you, and awed once again by the miracle of birth.

Your mommy loves you so much.  I’m so proud of you for the sweet little boy you are.  And I enjoy you so much, your snuggles and kisses, your laughter and tender little spirit.  Your careful ways and little sensitive nature.  I love how you wake up happy and jabbering away.  How you say “Hiiii!” when you hear a door open.  How you laugh whenever you hear anyone laughing.  How proud you are that you can clap or take a few steps.  The way you race to the bathroom the second you hear the tub turn on.  How you say “tractor” or “gentle” or “uh-oh.”  This year has been such a fulness and a joy to have you, little man.  And my heart aches a little to see it go.  To know that soon you will be walking and running, soon your little words will turn into little phrases, then sentences.  That you’ll be off exploring this great big wild world, keeping up with your big sister.  My little baby is turning into a little boy already!  Happy 1st birthday sweet boy.  I pray for many, many more with you.  And I love you so much, forever and ever.



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