yarn along

Are we tired of seeing this sweater project yet? Well, this is the last bit of knitting for my morchella cardigan, the button band. Both sleeves and pockets are done, so once I finish knitting the button band, I will seam up the sleeves, attach the button band and pockets, sew on buttons, and the sweater is done! All the seaming/attaching work is something I like to do in one sitting if possible with good day light and no distractions, so it often takes me a little while to find a good time to do so. Maybe by this weekend I can have it all finished? I can’t wait to have this piece in my wardrobe, even if its not terribly seasonally appropriate anymore. While knitting on this last bit of the sweater, I’m starting to plan and dream about what to cast on next. Of course, I have a few other projects on my needles that need finishing, but another garment for myself will have to be cast on soon!

I am still reading Delighting in the Law of the Lord slowly and very much so enjoying it. I finished Lila a little bit ago and since I’ve read all the books in the series, figured I need to read Jack as well. I enjoyed Lila so much, I’m not deep enough into this one to know yet what I think. I have to say I don’t enjoy the character Jack’s internal dialogue.

What are you reading or making lately?

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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I just opened this book last night! I was so excited to get it from the library yesterday because I have been slogging through a big, boring, unpleasant book since January but was DETERMINED to not give up. It was like a celebration last night, cracking open something enjoyable! How funny to see you reading it today too. As for yarning, I am lacking serious inspiration. :-/

    I LOVED the darling bunny sweater for your girl. It was so perfect and once again, it may be my favorite of your projects thus far. You always outdo yourself.

    1. Oh how fun that we’re reading the same thing! I’ll be thinking of you as I read. You’ll have to share with me your thoughts on it? Also, thank you for the kind compliments on Wren’s bunny sweater. I just couldn’t resist knitting it for her and honestly didn’t think I’d get it done in time, so I was thrilled to do so!

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