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Here I am with another yarn along post which means another week has gone by. There isn’t a “crafting” link-up for me to connect to this time around, but it’s still habit of mine to snap a weekly photo of what I’m knitting and reading. I enjoy looking back through this little record of the making and the words that filled these days. Lately, I’ve been on the very cusp of finishing a couple of sweaters for myself, while also knitting Philippa’s birthday sweater. I just joined in the round to knit the body of my sweater hug this morning, and that’s exciting. The fabric this gotland is making as it knits up is surprisingly soft and so very warm. I feel like I always have a variety of projects on the go, some that are mindless, some that require more concentration, and I’m often moving those projects to the stage where I can just knit, knit, knit. I enjoy it all, filling my mind and hands with lots of different projects and fibers. I have so many things I want to knit going into this winter season, things my family and I both need for our wardrobes. It is wonderful to be full of creative inspiration.

I am continuing to read Boundaries, it is good and necessary reading for me right now. Meanwhile, I recently purchased The Story of the Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day for Wren, not expecting it to be as lovely as it is. The linen cover is beautifully illustrated, nice to hold and the book is quite large. Wren loves pushing the buttons. I love snuggling with her on the couch and reading it while she tries to push the buttons with all her might. The illustrations are vibrant and full of woodland animals and brightly dressed people, and Wren loves hunting for things I tell her to find on the page. I recommend it, although I’m hoping the paper pages don’t get ripped too terribly soon.

Do share with me what you’re reading and knitting/making this week!

4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. That book looks simply delicious. Now really is the time for knitting. I am so nearly finished on my sleeveless jumper, neckband done, just two armbands to do- as for reading an Ann Cleaves book from her Shetland series called Red Bones- a murder mystery, just right for Halloween.

  2. Your Story of the Orchestra book recommend from a LONG time ago was the inspiration for some Christmas gifts that will come this year. Have you seen that there are more books in the Story of the Orchestra series? YAY! Wasn’t there also another book that you recommended that was an educational song book too?

    I am glad that though you are not linking up to any ‘party’ in particular, that you continue these posts. I LOVE seeing and hearing about what you are knitting up and reading about. It is inspiring.

    1. Oh yay Rebecca!! I did see some of the other books in the series.. ideas for Christmas, yes! We’ve gotten “Poppy and the Orchestra” and “Poppy and Vivaldi,” which Wren has also loved (to pieces). I think the quality of the Story of the Orchestra is a bit nicer and I would probably get more of that series in the future! Thanks for your encouragement to keep sharing my knits/reads.. Seeing what others make and read is an inspiration to me, too! Hope things are going well for you guys this fall season.

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