yarn along


I’m chuckling at my last post title because for the last few days after writing it, the weather has been gloriously wintry and bitter cold!  We even saw our first snow flurries of the season, though they only lasted a few minutes and were so tiny.  It looked like glitter in sun.

I have been knitting away on Brandon’s birthday sweater and am relieved to have both sleeves done.  It feels good to just have the body left, and since it is bottom up, the anticipation of the funnest part (the color work yoke) will be what fuels me to the end.  Can’t wait.  I cast on for the body this morning.  So far, I am really enjoying this project and definitely think I will knit it again.  There’s just something I love about working with lopi.

This week I also finished up a couple of socks and need to knit their match. I’m knitting these for Brandon and these for another loved one.  I did cast on these for myself on Christmas day but I think I’m going to use a different pattern.  This one is very “hole-y” and I want something a bit warmer I think.  I’m thinking the fir socks by Melody Hoffman.  I don’t know what it is but I just love sock knitting so much lately.  I always have a couple of pairs on the go for when I’m out and about.

As for reading, I’m still plugging away on Little Women (I feel terribly slow) and I’m enjoying it.  I feel that you would be bored seeing it’s cover once again 🙂 so I’m sharing a book the children and I are reading, The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine.

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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. How do you like the kids title? I have been meaning to buy that for the last two Christmases and then I always forget. I have never read it but the title and cover is great- and it IS Mark Twain. Tell me what you think! I should see if the library has a copy…

    We are going on a ‘girls date’ to see the new Little Women this afternoon with some gal pals. I’ve heard it is better than the first so maybe my first inclinations were wrong.

    1. Ooo let me know what you think! I have way too many fond memories with the first one to say it is BETTER but in many ways I have to admit it probably is better. We are only a few chapters into the book above and it’s a little odd though interesting, so let me get back to you on whether or not its good. I would check it out from the library first if i were you! I do love the illustrations/style of it.

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