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Apart from seaming the underarms and blocking, Philippa’s birthday sweater is done!  I need to cast on Phoebe’s this week, but I haven’t had the time to wind up yarn and swatch, so I’ve picked up my featherweight in the meantime.  Ever so grateful for a few mindless projects on the go that I can pick up as needed and add a row or two.  Somehow the body of my featherweight is already nearly done, I’m knitting the last few rows of ribbing on the hem.  Then onto sleeves.  I’m going to try knitting with small circumference circulars on the sleeves and see if it helps me avoid laddering.  I ordered 9-inch but now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have tried 12-inch?  Any recommendations, knitters?

I’m still reading On the Road with Saint Augustine.  I can’t move too quickly through this one, lots to mull over and reflect on.  Although let’s be honest, I’m not reading much these days, only the last few minutes before sleep.

Joining with Ginny’s November Yarn Along, and Nicole’s weekly Crafting On.
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10 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. The color of your featherweight is so lovely, and the yarn looks so soft! I use 12″ circulars on occasion although the tiny needle section causes my hands to ache. I have had really good luck avoiding ladders with the magic loop method by pulling the yarn quite tightly at the gap. May you find what works for you!

    1. Thank you, the yarn really is nice! I have used magic loop a lot but still frequently get laddering. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I mean, if I try small circulars and don’t like it, I’ll stick with magic loop, but I’m wondering if I’ll be able to speed through sleeves faster if I don’t have to adjust the cord like I do with magic loop? We’ll see!

    1. Yes I’ve used magic loop and sometimes still have laddering!! 😦 😦 😦 It’s not the end of the world to me because I try to hide it where a seam would be but still, I wonder if the small circulars would be faster, too?

    1. Well, it was a small sweater with chunky yarn so it did come together quickly. My husband is skeptical that I’ll finish two more by Christmas, and it may be hard to do so since Phoebe’s will be all over fingering weight color work. 🙂 We’ll see. Their eagerness for a birthday sweater propels me!

  2. I find the small-circumference knitting difficult with the small circs – the shaft is not enough to hold onto. Of course, they are quite new, aren’t they? I learned on double-points. I prefer knitting “magic loop” with 40″ circulars, but if pressed, my second option would be a set of five double-points. I know a lot of knitters hate them but just like anything, you get the hang of it. When I’m really concerned about laddering and using magic loop, I move the loop around, if you will, and rely on stitch markers to delineate end of row, etc.

    1. Oh, yeah, moving the loop around, I do that too and it does help. I’m also just hoping the small circumference needles might help me move faster through the sleeves because I feel like I spend so much time moving the cord around, ya know? But who knows, I may really hate having no shaft to hold onto. I absolutely LOVE knitting with double point needles, I don’t know why, it just is so satisfying to me. However, the laddering is far worse with double points for me. Sigh. 🙂 Knitter’s woes. Thanks for your thoughts!

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