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I’ve mainly been focusing on my nordiska sweater this week.  I added a bit of length to the body to make it not quite so cropped and then the color work section flew by.  It’s just so fun. I tried it on last night because now I’m trying to decide if I add length to the sleeves also so that the color work on the sleeves hits at the right spot in proportion to the body.  But now I’m wondering if I have enough yarn because I can’t remember if I factored in added length when I purchased the main color yarn.  Oh well, I’m adding just a little extra length to the sleeves and then I’ll start the color work there as well.  Hoping it moves just as quickly and I’ll have a finished sweater soon!

My attention and thoughts are starting to shift toward birthday sweaters for the kids.  I wasn’t planning to knit one for Philippa this year because of all of my children, she seems to like wearing hand knit sweaters the least.  Last year she refused to try on her birthday sweater and never really wanted to wear it unless I asked her to.  I honestly don’t buy them many warm upper layers because their hand knit sweaters are supposed to serve that purpose.  But she is making requests for one and assuring me that she really wants to wear my sweaters now.  So, we’ll see.  She mostly just loves when I knit her socks.  Anyway, I know I need to get started on sweaters soon if I plan to knit one for each child since they’re getting bigger and their sweaters are taking longer.  I’m thinking of doing a color work one for Phoebe for sure but then maybe all of them would love a little color work this time around.

I’m slowly reading along in Beauty For Truth’s Sake.  So rich but also heady for my little tired mom brain at bed time.  It is really blowing my mind to learn and also remember that math is at the core of so many things, music, art, how interconnected it all is.  I am reading Mathematicians are People, Too to the kids during morning time, just a chapter here and there.  It’s part of my covert plan to change the dynamics and atmosphere around math here in our house.  I think it may be working because Phoebe hated the book initially just because it had something to do with math, but she loves stories and as we are reading the interesting life stories of real and famous mathematicians, she now begs me to keep reading it.

Here’s a little excerpt from Beauty for Truth’s Sake:

“The purpose of an education is not merely to communicate information, let alone current scientific opinion, nor to train future workers and managers.  It is to teach the ability to think, discriminate, speak, and write, and, along with this, the ability to perceive the inner, connecting principles, the intrinsic reasons, the logoi, of creation, which the ancient Christian Pythagorean tradition (right through the medieval period) understood in terms of number and cosmic harmony…”

And another:

“Mathematics is the language of science, but it is also the hidden structure behind art (the philosopher Leibnitz famously described music as the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting), and its basis is the invisible Logos of God.  We do not have to follow the ancient symbolic reading of mathematics slavishly, but only be open to the presence of meaning where the modern mind sees none.  Then it may be that we will open up a lost dimension in which the disciplines themselves will discover their relationship to one another.”

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