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This past weekend I finally bit the bullet and took my nordiska sweater to a favorite local yarn store to get some help with ripping back a few rows.  I had tried to do it on my own but got stuck around the cable raglan detail and then I held off because I had a feeling I would make a mess of it.  I’m so glad I did because it was good to have someone else’s help with it.  Also, it was a really fun day trip with just Phoebe to Black Mountain.  We spent the morning at the yarn store, had lunch, then made a stop at a couple of antique/thrift stores on the way home.  So it was a fun day together that resulted in a fixed project I could pick back up and knit on again.  It is so enjoyable to have it back in my hands.  The yarn is purl soho’s linen quill (a wool/alpaca/linen blend) in the twig brown color (though it looks more grey here) and it is really, really soft and delicate to work with.

I’m also nearing the end of The Brave Learner.  I’m trying to be more monogamous in my book reading and forcing myself to finish it before cracking another book.  Though I’ve mostly enjoyed this book and learned a lot/been inspired to make some helpful changes in our homeschool, there are also parts of it I don’t agree with or subscribe to.  Mostly, I’m thankful for the encouragement to see our children as the individuals they are and to pay attention to what is working/not working well in our homeschool and to be flexible in making changes.  It’s been helpful in examining my goals and intentions in this endeavor.  I always enjoy hearing what you’re reading or making lately (even if it’s not yarn/knitting related!) so do share if you’d like!

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4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I can’t wait to see the finished product! What a great idea to go to a yarn store to ask for help…I often wonder what to do if I get stuck with a problem. It is almost paralyzing! And you know what? I bet the shop people enjoyed it too. I love that you are working on a fallish project and that you are so speedy- you’ll be able to WEAR it this fall too! 😉

    When you get to the colorwork- do you have to hide out in a quiet room somewhere or can you do that sort of thing among hustle and bustle and kids and movies and distractions? I’d love to know!

    It is always helpful to get your brain wrapped around a new school year by reading thoughts on how to focus your attentions on the most important things- and it is always surprising to me that the children with the same genes and same environment can need such different things (or be such DIFFERENT individuals). It’s challenging, yes, but really neat too to get to know your children as intimately as a homeschool mother has the opportunity to. God bless the fruits on your labor this year- and of the childrens’!

    1. Thank you Rebecca. 🙂 Definitely take problem knits to your local yarn store, they do love helping (in my experience) and we can learn from them and also build relationships with them which is fun! Also, its never boring to go visit a yarn store, right?! I almost always knit at night after the kids are in bed or in early morning before they’re up and so yeah, I don’t attempt anything that requires a lot of concentration (lace, color work) when they’re around. If I am knitting with them around its only on the mindless knitting. Thank you for the homeschooling encouragement! You are so right, it is a huge gift even with the complexities and challenges, it is worth it!

  2. Ah! It’s good to have somewhere, or someone, to help when we get stuck on a project. I love a good LYS. And knitting friends. Well done.

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