yarn along


I finished the body of the fairy dust cardigan for Wren and am onto the first sleeve.  It should be done within a couple of days, and has been a sweet and quick knit.

I am still reading Mother Culture, truly savoring every chapter and so met and encouraged in each one in one way or another.  I highly recommend it for anyone who has been curious/interested in it.  I began Knitlandia the other day and am enjoying this knitty diversion in my reading.  I took the younger three children to a different library than our usual last week for a special music + puppet summer program. Part way through Wren desperately wanted one of the puppets, a sloth, and fell to pieces when I wouldn’t let her go get it (and interrupt the program!) so we had to step out.  As a result I was free to peruse the stacks and found a very lovely knitting section.  Thus, Knitlandia came home with me.

What are you making or reading lately?

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