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The past week or so I’ve been working as much as possible on this test knit.  It’s a summery top called the Minaret Crop which I plan to wear over dresses and such as a light and colorful layer.  Admittedly, it’s been a bit difficult at times working with the yarn, beautiful though it is.  It’s mostly cotton (75% cotton, 25% wool) and it does make me realize what an amazing fiber wool is with it’s squishy stretchiness.  Cotton is much harder on my hands.  Also, this yarn is lace weight while the pattern called for fingering weight, so my knitting progress has been a bit slower than I expected.  I hope to finish it up soon and be able to wear it before it gets too crazy hot here in North Carolina.

I’m still reading along in Mystics and Misfits, and the children and I are reading Moominland Midwinter (well, we started it a bit ago but I’m not sure if they’re into it now that we are out of the snowy cold weather) as well as The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Last week we still had some really cold days, but this last weekend we spent at the beach with Brandon’s parents and the last couple of days here have been quite hot.  This warm weather makes me think about hot afternoons lounging around on the couch together reading and reading.  I’m looking forward to wrapping up another school year (by God’s grace!) and having a summer break filled with gardening, hiking, camping, outdoor adventures, and lots of read-alouds.  I’m already making a mental list of books I hope to get to.  Do share any you recommend!

Joining this week with Nicole’s Crafting On and Ginny’s Yarn Along.
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4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I’ve only worked a little with cotton yarn (a pair of baby socks), but I certainly relate to the fatigue involved! But your yarn is beautiful, and so is the top — I can’t wait to see how it turns out. What a perfect color for Spring.

    The Moomins are new to me, but I might need to find a copy or two to try! The only bad thing about Yarn Along is that my yarn and book wishlists inevitably grow longer… Your summer plans sound lovely. I’m not “good” at summers, and I’m inspired to make an effort to relax (if that’s a thing?) and enjoy it this year. I so enjoyed your photos from your recent trip!


    PS — “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” is a delightful read, if you haven’t tried it yet. I was going to suggest “The Awakening of Miss Prim,” but a quick search showed that you’ve already read it!

  2. I love everything by C.S. Lewis. 🙂 You chose a lovely color for your sweater. I’ve always found cotton to be less enjoyable to knit. It’s rough and scratchy on my hands. Mystics and Misfits is on my wish list! it’s so tempting, but I need to back of on buying books for a while lol. Maybe I can find it at the library.

    1. Thank you! The yarn is really soft, but just doesn’t have the elasticity that wool has (even though this does have 25% wool). It’s probably a combo of it being twisted rib as well, which can be hard on my hands/wrists anyway. ❤

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