yarn along


Despite taking a bit of a break from blogging, I have been knitting away as usual.  I have finished a couple of shawls and socks since I last posted.  This week I cast on a pair of socks for a loved one and I have had a hard time putting them down.  The colorway is so spring-y and sock knitting is just so meditative and peaceful.  This is my first time knitting the blueberry waffle sock pattern, a free ravelry pattern that every knitter has probably knit, and I feel like it works so well with the yarn.  I’m really loving it and probably will be making a pair for myself soon!

I’ve also been reading (affiliate link) Mystics and Misfits: Meeting God Through St. Francis and Other Unlikely Saints by Christiana Peterson.  This was gifted to me by my sister-in-law over Christmas.  It’s a memoir about the author’s journey with her family moving to an intentional Christian farm community, finding help and focus through the perspective of the saints.  She shares how her perspective on simplicity, hospitality, contemplation, church, and death were challenged and re-formed.  I’m about 10 chapters in and enjoying it so far.

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3 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I, for one, have not yet knit those socks! Actually, I have never knit any socks so there’s that. 😉 My first attempt was a terrible failure and I haven’t gotten back up on that horse. Maybe this is the pattern to go with. Love the spring colors. The book sounds like it’s worth checking out. happy spring!

    1. I would start with Susan B. Anderson’s pattern for “How I knit Socks” which is free on ravelry, or Tin Can Knits Rye Sock pattern, which was my first sock pattern and it has a garter stitch panel on the front for more interest. Definitely try them again, it takes a bit of time and the first few pairs won’t be perfect but now it is very fun, easy, relaxing!

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