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Hello!  Since finishing up birthday sweaters for all the children which basically consumed my knitting time in November and December (plus a few other gift items), I am turning my attention back to my Tecumseh, which feels so good.  I just split for sleeves and am a few inches past that point now into the last repeat of the charts on the body section.  I like to have multiple projects on my needles so that I can switch back and forth to projects I feel like working on in the moment, or so that I have smaller projects that are easier to travel with, etc., but it is really amazing to see how quickly something can work up if I commit to working on it monogamously.  I may try to force myself to work more faithfully on one project at a time so that I can finish things a bit sooner.  We’ll see.  I have yarn for quite a few projects that I can’t wait to cast on but it’ll be rewarding to wait until I’ve got some projects off of my needles.

Also, I received this book, Homebody, for Christmas from Brandon.  He had seen me admiring it a little while ago and remembered!  So sweet of him.  He really spoiled me for Christmas.  The best part was that he forgot about this gift and being we had such a huge wide tree it was hidden behind the tree and the curtain of our window, so that as we were pulling the tree out and packing Christmas things away this past weekend, I saw the present tucked behind the curtain.  And it was for me!  It made it even more fun and special and I told him now I hope he does that every year, a surprise gift leftover some days after Christmas. 🙂  I’ve been slowly reading through it and savoring it.

My parents gifted us a box set of the Chronicles of Narnia series and we started The Magician’s Nephew this week and are already well into it and loving it.  I’ve never read the whole series so I’m excited to read it through together.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have been enjoying some making and reading in your holiday time!

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20 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Happy New Year!

    Did you notice that the Christmas book and your sweater have the same color scheme! 🙂 That was perfect!

    Looking forward to sharing glimpses of life with you in 2019!

      1. That’s really strange! I have no idea why you wouldn’t be able to do so…and since I am dope with technology- I am not sure how to fix such a problem either! yikes!

        Maybe it will fix itself?! ha!

  2. Love those colors! I started reading the Magicians Nephew to our crew at dinner time in November ☺️ But took a little “Holiday break” must start up again this week..
    I haven’t read the books in ages so it’s been fun to rediscover the story with the kids. Happiest New Year!

  3. I also have to have different project to swich between. Right now I am trying to finish them all off, to get the reward of casting on new. It would be so fulfilling 🙂

    The book look really special and lovely.

  4. How wonderful! That colorwork is great. I find I need a few things going on needles for the same reasons, but I also tend to devote large chunks of time when I really want to finish something quickly. I think it is the creative process.

    Neat about the book! Those are wonderful gifts.

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