yarn along


For some reason I keep forgetting to pass the slipped stitch over on some of the stitches on the front panel and as a result I’ve made a bit of a mess of the front of this sweater after I split for sleeves.  The dilemma: rip back to where I split for sleeves and redo (but I’m not great at ripping back without dropping stitches/making mistakes) which will likely cause me not to have this sweater done in time for phoebes birthday, OR live with the mistakes on the front and keep going.  I don’t know what to do yet.  A couple of mistakes wouldn’t bother me, but I’ve done it several times and it makes the eyelet rows look off kilter.  Can you tell at all in this photo?  😦  Anyway, what I want to do is just avoid it altogether, but I have been trying to work on this monogamously so that my sweet girl has a birthday sweater on her day.  I am, however, really loving knitting with this yarn I dyed naturally myself with marigolds (and there are skeins of it available in my new little etsy shop which I shared all about in my last post if you’re interested)!  The variegation is really pretty I think and there is a sense of pride in knitting with it, knowing the work that went into achieving the bright cheery color!  It reminds me of citrus in the winter, just what is needed to dispel the gloom.

Still reading What the Land Already Knows and enjoying it so much.  Seriously so wonderful to read just before bed.  It’s wintery, Christmasy, and rich with insight.  I definitely recommend it and plan to get the other books in the series of stories from the Farm in Lucy.

Oh, also our recent blizzard here in the mountains of NC broke quite a few large limbs off of our big magnolia tree.  If I had more energy or time I would make a wreath or garland with them (I would have enough for several, actually!) but I’m afraid I won’t get around to it.  Any other suggestions?  I hate to just waste all the beautiful limbs and leaves.

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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I vote for leave it as is and move forward. From this picture I can’t see anything off kilter, so the casual observer watching Phoebe run around being a child while she wears Mama’s sweater probably won’t either. 🙂

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