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I can’t remember why I signed up for her class other than hearing older students recommend it as life-changing.  My first memory of her, my favorite college professor, was her having us draw the word “God” on our paper, then draw a box around it.  She explained to us that in this class we would have to let God out of the box we have drawn around Him, that we would have to “stand under” the Word in order to “understand.”  She was a young old-soul, petite, spoke with quiet confidence and always with a grin on her face.  She exuded that peculiar joy I’ve come to know around people who walk with God.  She opened my eyes and my mind in the most beautiful ways.  I wouldn’t ever be the same after her class, simply titled Christian Doctrine.  She spoke into my life many times over the course of my college years and even still we write back and forth here and there, all these years later.  We now both homeschool our children, and she has been a help in so many parts of my journey, theological questions, homeschooling questions, etc.  That’s a part of her dissertation-in-progress under my pretty cake of yarn which she generously shared with me, asking for my feedback.  Life is a wonder, isn’t it?  So I’m hoping to squeeze in time here and there to read it for her and remember those sweet college days with my head stuck deep in theological books.

I’m knitting the Plume shawl by Melody Hoffman, my first time knitting one of her patterns and I do so love it.  Simple, dainty, the lace is addicting and not terribly complicated.  It’s a gift for a loved one, my second time knitting with The Fibre Co. Meadow yarn (both gifts for others) which may be my all-time favorite yarn ever.  I must knit myself something with it one day!

Joining with Ginny’s yarn along and Nicole’s Crafting On.

3 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Just popping over from Ginny’s yarn along — lovely knitting, and lovely words about your teacher and friend! She sounds like a wise woman; what a blessing to have such a mentor and sister-in-Christ in you life.

    Somehow this has really encouraged me today, so thank you for sharing it!


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