yarn along


I’m sorry I’ve been absent here!  If you follow me on instagram you know we’ve had a bunch of family in town and it’s been busy.  I hope to get another post up this week but we shall see.  I cast on for another antarktis shawl (for myself this time) with my birthday yarn from Ginny Sheller.  I think I cast it on on my birthday, actually.  Later I realized I have been knitting this shawl every June for the last three years (since I learned to knit).  Sort of bizarre.  It must be a Juney sort of thing to do.  I’ve already finished the pattern and still have the amount of yarn pictured above leftover so I’m going to add a few repeats of lace and garter and use up most of the yarn if possible.  Also, I’m thinking about adding tassels.  Thoughts?  Would it look nice with this pattern?

I’m slowly reading my way through Slow Knitting (affiliate link) and really learning a lot as well as resonating with it so much.  This craft has my heart. ❤

Linking up with Nicole’s weekly Crafting On.

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