yarn along


I’m feeling a bit of the knitting woes.  I finished up three projects this week which is always really fun (to clear the slate, especially from some longer-standing projects) but at the same time I like to have at least one bigger knitting project that I can just pick up and work on when I need something mindless and relaxing.  I have yarn ready for my first brioche shawl project, but that is a technique that is new to me and so I’m swatching and trying to learn.  It’s really fun so far but I realized I will probably need to step down a needle size and I don’t have that needle size for a larger shawl project, so I will need to wait until I purchase something.  Ugh.  I also have had yarn ready to cast on another karen’s bonnet (for wren this time), so I started that as a quick project in the meantime, and realized I’ve made a mistake so I’m ripping a couple of rows back.  Anyway, it’s nothing big or worth complaining about but I am ready to have a project going thats “in the groove.”  I think knitters understand that. 🙂  At a homeschool conference I attended last week, someone quoted that “idle hands are the devils workshop” (Prov. 16:27) and I was laughing to myself, bouncing baby wren and wishing I could fit some knitting into the time I was spending sitting there.  That verse sounds like a knitter’s excuse.

I’ve barely read any more in my book, Wearing God, in the last week simply because of time, not because the book isn’t engaging!

Linking up with Nicole of Frontier Dreams.

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