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My husband and I were away this past weekend on a small trip to a cabin nearby to celebrate our anniversary (I hope to share more about it in a post later this week).  I took along a few projects, but worked only on my timber cardigan.  Sadly, I really didn’t knit as much as I planned to, with a baby in arms often and just spending time talking with Brandon and resting, too.  I did basically knit one sleeve of the cardigan and hope to finish the second one up this week maybe.  Then it’s just knitting the pockets and it’s done!  I know its nearly summer and we have already had a good bit of hot, humid days.  We often go up on the blue ridge parkway in the warmer months for hikes and picnics and usually its a lot chillier up there, so I plan to wear it as soon as I need a warm layer!  It fits a little snug considering I began it before I was pregnant and so it will fit better after I get back to my normal size, but it still fits.  I put my arm in the finished sleeve last night and it’s the first time I’ve been wrapped up in Brooklyn Tweed yarn.  I’m sold for life.  It is so incredibly cozy.  How can it be so rustic and so comfortable at the same time?  I love it.

I’ve been reading Love in a Time of Homeschooling by Laura Brodie (affiliate link) and enjoying it so far.  Her writing style is engaging, and after hitting some real walls with Phoebe in school this year I feel like I need some helps and was drawn to this book being its about a mother and daughter relationship.  Being that God has seen fit to entrust me with three girls, I find I’m drawn often to things about the mother/daughter relationship, really hoping to do this well and feeling often like I’m not.  Goodness, parenting is hard.  Homeschooling is hard!  Thank goodness for knitting and the bright spot it is–a productive distraction.  Here’s a better picture of the cardigan so far.


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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Walls.
    Ah, yes. And to remember that I am mother before I am teacher is a chief challenge of mine.
    When we’ve hit our walls, the best advice I’ve received is to seek to know Jesus better- seeking Him, rather than seeking to fix the kiddo issues. Along with slowing down, reading aloud together, and laying aside for a time the thing that is frustrating us both.
    Parenting truly is hard. Such a sanctifying work, and I’m thankful as well for help from a Redeemer who knows me well, and knows my children and their needs. I’m sure thankful He is there to show us what to do next.
    And you’ve got me itching to try out Brooklyn Tweed yarn. Your sweater is lovely, and your post is as well. I read your blog more regularly than any other-identifying so well with your posts on so many levels. Blessings, Deborah

    1. A mother before a teacher.. yes, so hard to juggle those two roles and know at times what to do. I agree.. seeking Jesus, asking for the leading of the Spirit and His discernment in so many scenarios is the key! We are still so new to homeschooling, but i feel like I will probably always feel that way in regard to Phoebe since every new year with her is a first. anyway.. you should try Brooklyn Tweed, it is expensive though so save it for a special project! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and encouragement and most importantly the reminder to press into Jesus!

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