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I cast on these socks on Christmas day as a little treat to myself (the yarn was a Christmas gift from me Brandon) after a long stretch of gift knitting.  It’s only my second pair of socks for myself that I’ve ever made, and they are going to fit so much better than the first pair I made, which ended up far too big.  So I’m on the foot of the second sock and should be done with these in the next couple of days.  I discovered yesterday, to my dismay, that one of the kids had sat on my knitting bag and my size 1 wooden knitting needles were all in shards inside the stitches.  I thankfully have this one pair of size 1 circulars, but I have always knit socks on DPNs so it’s taken some getting used to.  I’m enjoying it though!  I still have so many upcoming projects on the brain, many little baby things I’m excited to cast on.  I have some yarn leftover from these socks and may knit up a few pairs of baby socks to match for our little girl coming next month.  (Ahh!  Next month!  That sounds so strange and sort of terrifyingly close.)

I’ve also just started reading Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy per Ginny’s book recommendation list, in the spirit of wanting to read more fiction and more classics.  I’m not sure what I think yet, not quite hooked yet but I will keep at it.

I’m so so excited that Ginny has started up this yarn along again!  I’ve missed it and all of you lovely knitters out there!

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8 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Whoa, next month?????? That sure did zoom by!!! The anticipation of a new baby is so exciting. I’m excited for you and to see her all decked out in the sweet knitted items from her mama! Happy Yarn Along day! 😘

      1. All of my babies except Harmon came progressively later and later beyond my due date and all were past week 41, June was almost 42. A friend of mine was due the exact same time as me when pregnant with June but she gave birth in late February…I got all excited when she delivered and took a bunch of bump photos and photos as a family in anticipation of “any day now”…then I didn’t give birth for almost 4 weeks. I pray you get as much time as you need/desire before baby arrives! ❤

  2. love the socks! Congrats on the wee girl 🙂 i’m glad that the yarn along is back as well… happy knitting!

  3. I’m also glad to be back on the yarn along. Your socks look really nice. Each pair will fit a little better as your skills improve. I’m wearing a pair that I knitted last year, and they are so warm and comfy. I’m so glad I learned to knit socks.

  4. I have never seen a suggestion to knit socks in the round. I would probably like that much better, as I still struggle with DPN’s. Congrats on the little one!

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