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It’s quite a dreary dark rainy day here, so I had a hard time finding a spot with enough natural light to snap a photo.  Philippa’s sweet little sweater is blocking and I cast on for a leksak tunic for Phoebe a few days ago.  I’m a few inches below the underarm now, so I’m hopeful this will be a fairly quick knit, although a sweater for a seven year old will inevitably take longer.  I’m knitting it with yarn leftover from my Lila sweater, Shepherd’s Wool in color way seabreeze.  I’m knitting her the size 6 because her chest fits those measurements better and I remember this yarn blooming a little bit once blocked.  I seem to always knit their sweaters too big, despite getting gauge when I swatch, so I’m hoping this will actually fit her just right.

I’m still reading We Took to the Woods and enjoying it.  It’s a very peaceful and engaging read for before bed, which seems to be the only time I have lately.

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4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I always try to knit big for my three because they just keep growing so fast! Last Christmas I ran out of wool for my little boy’s jumper and it was that odd paradox – if I had made it to fit him right then with no room to grow I would have had enough yarn, because I added more length it will fit this year but he had to wait for the yarn to arrive for it to be finished!!

    1. Yeah I hear you! This daughter of mine, unfortunately, doesn’t grow normally like most kids, and doesn’t grow very fast. I knit a sweater for her last year and it was huge on her then, still too big on her this year. SO.. hoping I can get something a little more accurate this time! 🙂 With my other two, I would rather err on the side of having room to grow.

  2. That’s a beautiful color for your daughter’s sweater! I find those daily type or nature memoirs a little bit slower reading. I love them so much, though. My favorite author of these being Gladys Taber and recently, Robert Macfarlane, although he is more of a naturalist/explorer. I also like Katrina Kenison’s Mittens Strings for God. There are so many beautiful titles. I’m looking forward to reading this one, once I finish the 5 like it that I have on my pile. 😉 Amy

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