yarn along


So this is my first real attempt back at knitting.  I’m having a hard time returning to the projects I have on the go already, and felt like I needed to restart with a clean slate.  Some days I feel a bit of an urge to knit, some days its still not there at all, so I know I’m not fully back to my knitting self–I’m hoping it does return?  The fall-ish weather helps a bit. I so loved knitting Noah’s sweater last year with Shelter yarn and have really been wanting to knit a sweater for both Brandon and I in it.  I’d love to make him one for Christmas, but honestly don’t know if I would be able to finish a large man sweater in time.  Plus its such pricey yarn.  I was able to buy this sweater’s quantity with my birthday money, and a friend lent me the pattern book for the Timber cardigan.  I’m hoping it’s not too boring to knit in white, but I know I will wear it a ton.  I’ve already made my first mistake and need to rip back two rows. 😦  Trying to find the energy to do that.  I’m beginning to dream of baby knits–lots of baby knits, as this will be my first baby since I’ve learned to knit.  Everything I look at is pretty gender specific though, so I think I may wait to find out what we’re having, if we do find out.

Phoebe and I are still reading The Secret Garden and I have picked up and nearly finished I Capture the Castle again.

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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. It is hard to knit when your heart and brain aren’t with it, give yourself time. Baby knits are fun and easy.

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