yarn along


Still reading From Good to Grace by Christine Hoover and enjoying it so deeply.  Highly recommend.

Knitting philippa’s second sock.  She seemed completely disinterested in these until I tried the first sock on her and she started wiggling her little toes in it.  Now she is so excited to see me knitting the second one.  It amazes me every time, how excited the children get when I’m making something just for them.

What are you reading or making lately?  Linking up with Nicole’s Crafting On. ❤

1 thought on “yarn along”

  1. Harmon is the only one of my four children who loves when I try knitting on him as a go. It’s such a pleasure! Also a bit dangerous because he tries to walk off wearing whatever it is with needles still attached. P’s socks are so so so cute!!! ❤

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