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I’m late getting this post up!  Summer time is nearly upon us folks, evidenced by the fact that my children are playing outside longer in the evenings and running back out after dinner to make the most of these long sunny days.  Right now they are busy helping daddy dump mulch from the trailer, while I wait for them to come in for dinner.  So I have a minute to get this post up!

I finished the Water rock vest and am just waiting to block it (I think I will need to, to try and add some length) and also finished Phoebe’s socks over the weekend.  I cast on a pair for Philippa immediately, improvising the pattern (using 44 stitches instead of 48) to make the cuff a bit smaller, but now I have to think about the math.  So far its working out!  Here’s to hoping my math works and it fits her.

I picked up this book, Design Mom: How to Live with Kids, from the library on a whim today.  I love flipping through books like this for ideas and inspiration for decorating.  I should clarify that when I talk about “decorating” our home, I mean using what we already have and rearranging it.  Haha. 😉 Such is life when you have little ones and live on one income.  I’m almost done with The Awakening of Miss Prim and have really enjoyed it so far.  It’s been fun to have a totally pleasurable read for the evenings versus something that requires my mind to be awake.  Although I’m craving theology.  Deep, rich theology.

What are you knitting, reading or working on this week?  Here’s to hoping you find some time to make beautiful things and read good books.

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5 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I love that folks are still yarning along! I have wanted to keep going but am only just getting back into the swing of blogging again; sometimes it just falls by the wayside when life gets too busy! I have always meant to knit a pair of those socks for my girls but never have; maybe it’s time soon!

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