my campside

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The work of creating is important work for me.  I’m learning that I’m a maker, and I love making things–bringing beauty, even simple and small, into our ordinary days.  Bringing order from chaos.  It’s a good work.

Knitting small stitches from soft fiber–one small stitch after another, little ordered steps in a long arduous journey following a path laid out for me–ending in a beautiful finish.  Ending with something functional, satisfying, luxurious, beautiful.  It is a good reminder to me of the work I am doing as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a friend, as a child of God–small seemingly inconsequential steps on a long and arduous journey.  It will result in something beautiful.  Our work is, as the scriptures say, producing something, working for us an eternal glory that far outweighs the trouble we’ve gone through (2 Cor. 4:17).  Maybe it seems silly, but finishing a creative project is satisfying to me in that way–our small steps and small obediences are producing something beautiful, friends.  Let’s keep on until the finish.

I finished my Campside Shawl weeks ago and have worn it almost every day since then.  (Which is why it took me so long to block it–so glad that I did though!  It opened up the eyelet sections and made it even larger/cozier.)  It is crazy warm, squishy and cozy.  I didn’t know if I would wear a shawl, feels sort of old-lady-ish, but I am!  I’ve loved just throwing it over my shoulders for a quick warm layer during this spring season.  It is such a cheery yellow and it makes me think of camping in the woods, which I can’t wait to do soon (will take my campside with me!)  Knit it Madelinetosh, color way Harvest.

6 thoughts on “my campside”

  1. The least ‘old lady-ish thing I’ve seen. It is gorgeous! I love the color and it looks so good on you! I am constantly amazed at how quickly you get things off your needles and the skills you have. I think I remember reading you only starting knitting like last year or two years ago or something crazy like that? REALLY impressive. I am still very intimidated by knitting projects and talk myself out of them (they are too hard! I could never do that!) I like checking out your blog because it gives me hope. Maybe someday I’ll be able to whip things out like that too. Maybe. SOMEDAY. 😉

    1. Oh I bet you could totally do this! Yes I learned to knit about 1.5 years ago, I made myself practice for a few minutes everyday because I didn’t want to forget how to do it and I started by making small wearable projects that I knew I would love to have for myself or my kids. I think I have knitted almost every day since then. This shawl is so very easy to make! It’s basically just knitting, purling, m1R/L which you can look up on youtube (super easy) and lots of yarn overs to make the eyelets. Just like four different kinds of stitches over and over again. I started it when I was sick with the flu and in bed for a few days straight, and I got a huge portion of it done then, so that was why it probably seemed to fly. I will probably knit it again, and the pattern is free so that’s awesome! I would say give something like this a try–I have found that everything I have tried to knit, even stuff that has been probably too difficult for me, I have been able to finish because I’ve just stuck with it and when I’ve needed help I have a local knitting friend who walks me through or I take it to a local yarn store and they help me through. Anyway, knitting has been such a fun hobby and I think anyone, ANYONE could make this shawl if they try!

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