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My yarn along posts have been missing lately, due to all the craziness of moving and settling, but also because my beloved Ginny of Small Things has decided to stop hosting the weekly yarn along link-up.  Sob.  I really miss the weekly community and chatter of knitters, many of whom somehow have become friends over the strange world of the internet.  I don’t know exactly what I’ll do in the wake of all of this, whether I’ll still share regularly or not, but somehow the weekly posts helped encourage me to finish projects and to read more, and I miss that.  I’ve been hardly reading at all since moving, I think I just need a good light-hearted book.  Any recommendations?

I’m working on a few projects, mainly a water rock vest that my friend designed (and gifted me the pattern!!  She is the most generous + sweet person).  Knitting it in Knit Picks CotLin yarn, which is new to me and really soft to work with–and inexpensive!  Then I recently cast on a featherweight cardigan for myself.  I bought this yarn awhile ago with Christmas money and it is dreamy in every way.  It’s Madelinetosh Euro Sock in color way Cold Shoulder.  So soft, such a perfect dusty lavender with flecks of mauve.  It’s the most indulgent knitting, and I’m trying not to fly through it as my yarn funds have run out!

By the way, I’ve finished my campside shawl awhile ago and I haven’t even had a chance to block it or weave in ends.  I’ve been wearing it nonstop, unwoven ends a-dangling.  I love it love it love it and think it’s my favorite knit so far.

I’ve been reading/browsing through this design/decorating book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm with a ton of do-able and cute DIY projects as inspiration for our old/new home. 🙂  It’s a 1950s rancher, but I intend to have a touch of farmhouse charm up in here.

Happy knitting and reading friends, wherever you may be!

Joining with Nicole’s Crafting On and also my new knitterly friend Being Bodecker.
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6 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. We used to live in 1960s ranch house & I miss it now! So many cute things I could have done to decorate it but I was like 22 years old and a mother to a toddler & just couldn’t really handle life let alone decorating, ha! Can’t wait to see your projects! I love the purple color of your yummy Madelinetosh-all the heart eyes. I chuckled out loud when I read you’re wearing your newest FO before weaving in the ends–that is awesome & totally something I would do. Happy Yarn Along!

    1. Ooo give me your wisdom and decorating tips for old ranches! 🙂 Not that I can afford it or tackle it but this is my first time decorating a home so tips are welcome.

      1. What fun to decorate a new home! I still really haven’t “decorated” the home we’ve been in now since 2008-yikes! I keep thinking “someday” when the kids are gone…but then I’ll be too sad to do it! 😉

        About the only thing we did (and could afford) in our ranch was the one bathroom. It was small so I went big in there! I love the look and feel of birch and I went all out with birch cabinets. Since it was such a small room it didn’t cost a whole lot. I tried to be very clean lines throughout the whole house, too, minimal and clean like Frank Lloyd Wright–at least that was my thinking at that time. I really couldn’t afford anything (my parents helped with the bathroom remodel as the tub was falling through the rotted floor)…I told myself I was being “modern” when I was being minimal and cheap. 😂

  2. Well, I for one hope you continue your yarn along posts! I loved how consistent you were in posting your books/projects. Maybe just continue the yarn along post day on your own? Or….start your own linkup! I know Ginny directed people to a different blog. Maybe use that one? Whatever you do- don’t stop posting your projects and books! I love those posts! And I am always super amazed at how fast your projects move through the cycle of start, end and move on to something new. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it! You must have lightening fingers!

  3. Woman, YOU amaze me with all your garden work, canning, homesteading, sewing projects, etc! Yes I definitely want to continue sharing books and knitting, just because it really is fun. I’m not sure how frequently I will share, if still weekly, but definitely will. I love seeing what you make, too! Always beautiful things.

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