yarn along


Still knitting away on my Campside and enjoying it so much.  I feel like I’m close to finishing it already, which seems crazy and too soon!  At the same time, it would be nice to cozy up in it in this freezing weather we’re having lately.  If you wanted to see pictures of my finished sweater, I shared some here.

I finished Long Days of Small Things last night, savored the last chapter and didn’t want it to end.  So good, friends, so good.  I’ll post an official review soon.  I haven’t even picked up Is the Bible Good for Women this week, haven’t read much I guess.  I have read a bunch to the kids, and this one, Leave Me Alone! by Vera Brosgol, that we checked out from the library is hilarious for any knitter or mom surrounded by a brood of children who just wants some time to KNIT (or pursue some other sanity-saving hobby).  In the end, the only reprieve from her 30 grandchildren is to find her way through a wormhole in outer space and there she can finally finish sweaters for each of them.

Linking up with Ginny of Small Things and her weekly yarn along.
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