yarn along


Still knitting on my Lila sweater, about half way through the first sleeve.  This yarn and pattern are pure comfort.

Still reading The Broken Way.  I just read the part last night where Voskamp talks about Lark at Elizabeth’s funeral, so it was neat to hear that little mention of Ginny and her family.

Joining with Ginny today and her weekly yarn along where we share our current reads and knits, and also with Nicole of Frontier Dreams.
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4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I’m really looking forward to reading that and will probably try to buy it next month. I’d hoped to get it for Christmas but alas! I will have to order it. Better that than wait for the library copy and not be able to mark it up like I’d want to.

    Beautiful knitting, I’m off to catch up on your last few posts that I think I’ve missed in the hubbub of daily life here!

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