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It’s been a week of knitting consternation.  This Lila sweater that I’m knitting for myself is so blissful to work on, I got a bit carried away and knitted three inches past where I was supposed to to begin side shaping.  I’m nervous to rip back for fear I’ll cause more problems, but I can’t keep knitting on it and the whole thing is so frustrating that I’ve just set it aside for other projects.  I cast on for a pair of simple house slippers for phoebe with some leftover yarn and ran out of yarn on the toe of the second slipper.  She didn’t mind me using a different color for the toe, and I didn’t feel like ripping it out.  I cast on for a bulky cowl for myself with some Rowan Biggy Print that someone gave me and about half way through decided I didn’t like the way the yarn and pattern were looking together.  Grr.  Rip rip rip.

I’ve been saving Ann Voskamp’s new release, The Broken Way, for the new year, and I’ve relished diving into it this week.  Her words are resonating deeply, as they usually do, with where I find myself this January.

Bento bag pictured is from StacyZink on Etsy and I love it!

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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I had to go look up that sweater, and now I have just added to my queue! I’m sorry you hit a frustrating snag. I have that book saved to dig into as well and I am looking forward to it.

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