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Well, Noah’s birthday came and went and his sweater is still on my needles.  I’m a little disappointed, but it has been a more complicated knit than I anticipated so it’s to be expected.  And I will finish it soon, probably in a couple of weeks once you add in time for blocking and buttons.  But I know he will enjoy it whenever he gets it.  He was much more interested in his other gifts yesterday anyway. 🙂  We wanted to give each child a hand knit sweater and a musical instrument for their birthdays.  He got a small beginners drum set from us and he is so happy.  And he was spoiled rotten by the grandparents, too, so he probably will appreciate the sweater more anyway after the birthday and christmas frenzy is over.

I’m still reading To the Bright Edge of the World, maybe half way through, but not much time for reading the past week or so.  I had a hold request on Letters from Honeyhill: A Woman’s View of Homesteading and it just came into the library so I’m wanting to dig into it but trying to discipline myself to finish what I have going first.

I’m linking up with Ginny of Small Things to share what I’m knitting and reading this week.
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5 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Harmon’s Christmas handknit is taking a lot more time than I planned as well. Here’s hoping we both meet our extended knitting “deadlines”! I do so love the color you’ve chosen.

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