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Still reading To the Bright Edge of the World but also daily in this book by Ann Voskamp, The Greatest Gift, as I have read through it every advent season for the past three years.  Good every time and the Lord always uses it mightily.

Knitting a bright green Christmas surprise hat for Brandon (improvising a pattern).  I promised him a hat a long time ago but have been busy with other projects.  I can only knit on this when he’s not home which leaves very little time for it (since I usually knit in the evenings).  I’m making headway on Noah’s sweater as well, maybe 1/3 of the way through the second sleeve.  Phoebe’s sweater is blocking finally and buttons have arrived for both, so I’m hoping I will finish them both in time for their birthdays (the week of Christmas).  We travel with Phoebe tomorrow afternoon to Winston Salem for her procedure so I should have about 5 hours of car knitting time and I hope to nearly finish Noah’s sweater?  We’ll see.  If you think of it, send prayers our way for our girl, for answers and healing and for courage for us all.

Happy knitting and reading, friends!


I’m joining with Ginny of Small Things for her weekly yarn along link-up.
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3 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Praying for Phoebe, and all of you on this long road. I am very interested in Ann Voskamp’s book, given your praise for it – maybe I’ll get it for next year’s Advent season.

  2. That green. Lovely. I’m making a hat for my husband too- I wasn’t going to knit any gifts this year because life has been so stressful that I wanted knitting to be a refuge but I caved last week at the thought of having another gift for him made with love and picked up some yarn… I’m using the pattern called Earthen by Alicia Plummer and I think he will really like the simple pattern that’s just interesting enough to keep it from feeling boring. I won’t post about it until later because he reads my blog. But good luck! I’m sure you can finish it all!
    I love that book by Ann too- but am only reading the family version this year- there’s a lot of overlap so it gets a bit repetitive when I have tried reading both the same year. I love her writing so much. Have you read her newest book yet? I haven’t gotten it yet (on my Christmas list!)
    Alright, this novel should come to a close 😉 sorry for the crazy long comment!

    1. Sarah I love your comments and feel somehow a kinship with you in this crazy blogosphere. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your hat. I wanted to knit something a bit more interesting for my husband but he just likes plain and simple and boring. 🙂 I haven’t read Ann’s new book but I did buy it and am waiting to start it in the new year after I finish up my current reads! Can’t wait!

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