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Almost done with the body of Noah’s sweater and getting ready to split for sleeves.  I haven’t knit a sweater bottom-up before, so it will be interesting to do it this way!  I love love love it so far.  It’s different/challenging enough to keep me interested, but also a very relaxing knit, and who can’t love working with Brooklyn Tweed?  I keep worrying it’ll be too small but I *think* it’s good.  We’ll see!

Reading Come Thou Long Expected Jesus advent readings with Brandon in the evenings before we fall asleep.  I’m also still finishing up Missional Motherhood.  Needing some good fiction next, I think.

I’m linking up with Ginny’s weekly yarn along today, where we share what we’re currently reading + knitting.

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14 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. i have never knit a sweater before, anyway. it looks good – it looks heavy and very warm. nicely done, i lie the color!!

  2. What’s your take on Missional Motherhood for mothers of grown children? I wish we had this book 10 years ago but am curious if it’s message is still relevant for moms in this season of life.

    1. well i’m just entering part 2 of the book. all of part 1 is a huge overview of the entire story of scripture, and part 2 i believe, narrows it down to how it all relates to the work of motherhood. what i really love and find interesting about how she writes this one is to a very broad audience of “mothers”.. including anyone who nutures the younger generation, making it applicable and readable for someone who may never have had their own biological or adoptive children and yet is busy with “child-rearing” via discipleship. so i am sure it would still apply to a mother of grown children, as your work as a mother is not at all finished just because your kids are grown! you have entered a different season of mothering, but your kids still need you, just in different ways. and i think we as women tend to be nurturers even of those outside of our own family walls, discipling younger people in our churches, bible studies, etc., and this book is geared toward giving you a missional mindset as a nurturer in general. is that helpful?

    1. i know, i feel a little crazy. the girl’s sweaters are done, and they were both knit with bulky weight yarn so they went quickly. this one is going a little slower but his birthday is Dec. 20th so if i don’t make any major mistakes i’m thinking i may be able to crank it out. 🙂

  3. Beautiful sweater! I hate that mental game of too-small? too big? I’ve been there before. I enjoy “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus” and have read it several years. This year it’s packed away so I won’t have access to it. We are getting ready to read “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift” as a family tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that.

  4. Oh, that sweater looks beautiful in colour and texture and so cosy and warm! I always knit top down so it will be interesting to hear from you how you like bottom up in the end!

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