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I cast on for these “favourite socks” a couple of weeks ago for myself.  I’ve been wanting to knit myself a pair of socks since I knit some for everyone in my family last Christmas and never got around to doing a pair for me.  I have primarily been working on a sweater for my nephew but realized this morning after splitting for sleeves that my stitch count was so far off that I ripped the whole thing out to start over.  These socks are sort of my happy selfish knitting project when other things I am working on hit a stand-still.  Thank goodness for multiple WIPs.

I am still reading Teaching From Rest and loving it, challenged by it already just in regards to parenting.  Moments and Days: How our Holy Celebrations Shape our Faith is absolutely excellent so far.  It came in the mail for review and I didn’t plan to start reading it but I couldn’t put it down, drawn immediately into the noise and smells and fray of modern-day Jerusalem and the story of a Chosen People set apart by their Sabbath rest.  Written by a Jewish woman who became a Christ-follower in her teens, she explains the Jewish calendar and the church calendar from her Jewish perspective.  She writes about the feasts and festivals of the Jewish people and shows how each one finds their fulfillment in Christ.  I’m very interested in her perspective that time is not merely something we are supposed to measure, but that it is a gift to us, that time measures us, in fact.

Linking up with Ginny’s weekly yarn along where we share what we are currently knitting + reading.

5 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I’m not a knitter, but your diligence in this hobby is so inspiring to me! Also, both of these books sound excellent. I have tried so very hard not to purchase any books this year, but my list of new ones that I really want to read is growing, especially as the fall comes. Thanks for your faithfulness in writing! I don’t comment usually, but I read your posts and so enjoy them. Very thankful I came across your site!

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