yarn along


I’m working on the second sleeve of this baby gown for my friend’s baby boy due in October.  It has been such an enjoyable and fast knit, and so cozy!  Since the pattern came as a bundle of three different patterns, I plan to cast on the sweater version for my nephew’s birthday coming up later this month.  My first sweater!

Also, I finished Come to the Family Table (I reviewed it in my last post), and have started Teaching from Rest per the recommendation of one of my best friends.  I’m underlining it constantly and thankful to be immersing my heart in these truths before beginning school for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Deep breath.

I’m linking up with Ginny’s weekly yarn along to share what we’re reading + knitting.


4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. The baby gown looks so cozy. We are headed into our 5th year of homeschooling and I feel like I need to re-read that book every semester! She also has a read aloud revival podcast that has great ideas. I also like the books Five in a Row, these were great resources for the beginning years. I always checked them out of the library 😀 I always try to remember to pray for myself, my children and our attitudes and goals, this makes such a difference in our days. Good luck with your first year!

    1. Aww thank you Meg for speaking words of life and encouragement to me as a newbie! I will definitely check out her podcast and those “five in a row” books are on my list to look for!

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