spring things


I’m behind it seems on posting lately.  I’ve been dealing with some vertigo on and off and looking at the computer screen has been messing with my eyes and giving me a headache so I just haven’t been able to be on for long periods of time.

My youngest brother’s wedding was on Easter weekend so after we all got back home from Virginia, we had an egg hunt for the kids at my parent’s house.  It was pretty special because we had *almost* all of the nieces and nephews together for it.  We only hid a couple of eggs per child so it was kind of short lived.

These spring days have been so lovely.  I’m enjoying this year’s spring more than any I can remember, I think.  We’ve had some really warm days, lots of time to be outside and thankfully no mosquitoes yet.  It’s been good to be able to throw the windows and doors open and have the kids outside more than in.  Phoebe is bringing me bundles of flowers for my kitchen table or for her mud pies or bride bouquets.  We gave them each some wildflower seeds and their own set of garden tools in their Easter baskets so we have been waiting for the “last freeze” so that we can plant together and see what happens.  We don’t have a yard with much sun, so I tried to choose seeds accordingly.

I’m attempting to potty train Noah again, and this time my mindset has been different.  He is just not going to get this quickly, and so every day its about doing our best and sticking with it and dealing with a lot of messes and laundry, but keeping it light for him.  I introduced the kids to that old movie from my childhood, the Adventures of Milo and Otis and they loved it.  They’ve been requesting it nonstop on the rainy days, in which they inform me that movies are the best thing to do.  Philippa has been talking so much.  Well, she’s always talked a lot but we are starting to understand her more.  She is affectionately called the “boss lady” around here, and she loves to tell everyone what to do, though we can’t understand half of it.  She is saying “nur-ning” for nursing, “naugh-knee” for naughty, and loves to yell “don’t touch!” or “no, no!”  She says “EYE da-doo” for I love you.  She loves playing “pee-boo” (peek a boo).  She is observing all the potty training business going on and is very interested herself, and already runs to the potty if I ask her if she wants to try.  She will probably be done by this summer, and its hard for me to imagine life without someone in diapers!  Crazy!

We’ve been getting out on family adventures again, always so happy when the parkway is open.  Last weekend we hiked up to a fire tower we’ve always wanted to check out, then had a picnic on an overlook and let the kids run around and play while I squeezed in a few minutes to knit.

Phoebe is not really napping anymore in the afternoons the last few months, though she still has quiet time while the younger kids sleep.  She has a big stack of books and a doll and is content for a couple of hours, but I let her get up a good hour or so before the other kids.  I’ve been trying to make the most of this time with just her, sometimes doing a little craft, having tea, baking something together, or doing a little bit of “school.”  I’m trying to wrap my mind around starting school in just a few months and I don’t have it all figured out yet (ha!) but it’s pretty much constantly on my thoughts.

Anyway, thats a bit of our random current life lately.  Off to play with the kids outside a bit before dinner!


2 thoughts on “spring things”

  1. What another lovely post to stumble on! I’m so glad to have popped over from Yarn Along and find someone who feel so like a kindred spirit. We began a very light kindergarten this past year and I’m feeling excited and anxious to begin school in earnest next year too. Charlotte Mason’s philosophy is perfect for our family (at least so far in these early years) and so we are using Ambleside Online as our curriculum for next year. I am going to add you to my blog feed so I see when you post and can pop over again!

    1. Thank you! Yes, Sarah, I am leaning towards Charlotte Mason + Ambleside as well. How do I even begin?? I’ve wanted to read something by Charlotte Mason this summer but she has multiple books and I’m not sure what would best give an overview of her philosophy. Any recommendations? By the way, I have been following along on your blog for a little bit, too, via Ginny’s Yarn Along! 🙂

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