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I am almost done with my first kerchief/shawl!  I am on the last section and have three more rows but I’m debating making it a little bigger and using up the rest of the yarn.  I just don’t know if I have enough yarn to do that?  So.. still deciding.  I have so enjoyed working on it, I don’t want to see it go!

I’m still reading and really loving Surviving the Island of Grace, but yesterday the Lord was speaking to me throughout the day about trust.  This book that I read and was deeply impacted by back when I was 18 kept catching my eye from my shelves.  I had a much-needed night alone with Jesus last night and read a lot of this tattered book and have been so thankful to find myself in its pages again.  I forgot how much I enjoy Manning’s writing.  I’m terribly in need of a work of the Lord in my life in the way of trust!

Here are a couple snippets that met me deeply last night:

“Unglued and undone by personal experience of the Messiah of sinners, who searches the noisy streets of large cities and the unpaved roads of small hamlets, the ragamuffin walks the way of ruthless trust in the irreversible forgiveness of the Master.  The defenses he has erected against his own truth as a saved sinner wither in the maelstrom of mercy flashing like lighting across his life.  ‘If the Lord Jesus has washed me in his own blood and forgiven all my sins,’ the ragamuffin whispers to herself, ‘I cannot and must not refuse to forgive myself.'”

“Uncompromising trust in the love of God inspires us to thank God for the spiritual darkness that envelopes us, for the loss of income, for the nagging arthritis that is so painful, and to pray from the heart, ‘Abba, into your hands I entrust my body, mind, and spirit and this entire day — morning, afternoon, evening and night.  Whatever you want of me, I want of me, falling into you and trusting in you in the midst of my life.  Into your heart I entrust my heart, feeble, distracted, insecure, uncertain.  Abba, unto you I abandon myself in Jesus our Lord. Amen.”

Joining with Ginny + her weekly yarn along to share what we’re knitting and reading today!

2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. What lovely quotes you chose from the Brennan Manning. I think he says in the beginning of the book that the essence of our faith is trust. I related to your little heart cry there, to really know more of what it might mean to make trust the essence of a walk with God.
    And I agree it sounds so much easier than it is. How easy it would be to make our walk something else entirely. And yet trust is such a simple child like thing …
    Lovely shawl. I’m making shawl plans, researching and considering yarns. Lovely to read your blog via Yarn Along.

    1. Yes, I was telling my husband it is funny rereading this book now. I vaguely remember my thoughts/reactions as an 18 year old and how mature I felt in my faith + trust of God, and yet as I’ve gotten older, I find my trust needs to grow “younger,” or more childlike, as you say. I don’t feel so mature in it anymore, more like a bit of a hot mess. BUT I am feeling held. Life has gotten harder and more risky, and the opportunities for trust abound!

      I am already starting another shawl and I can see why knitters loooovve knitting shawls. I need to make one with more color soon, I think! Thanks for stopping by the blog and for commenting. It is always so fun to connect with the “yarn along” ladies and to make new like-minded friends!

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