yarn along


Joining in with Ginny today to share what I’m knitting and reading.  I finished Hannah’s Choice last night, and I really loved it!  I read Almost Amish a couple of years ago and learned a lot about the Amish lifestyle and how much we can learn and appreciate from their simple ways and values.  Hannah’s Choice was a really engaging novel about an Amish family and their attempt to raise their children apart from an increasingly encroaching world of outsiders.  I grew up in a “Brethren” type of gathering/meeting, and I found it interesting, reading about this family and the way they viewed those outside of their faith.  I found certain aspects reminded me of my upbringing.  Also, the author mentioned that this story, though fiction, was based on her own family’s history, an attempt for her to fill in the gaps after doing a bunch of genealogical research.  So it was definitely a story very rooted in place and history.  It was a really interesting read, I loved being hooked on a story again and unable to put it down.  And it’s the first book in a series, so book two will come out this fall.  Yay!

Anyway, I’ve started The Life-Giving Home by Sally + Sarah Clarkson.  I have read a couple others by Sally Clarkson before and have really been helped by them.  I was surprised to find that this one starts off with her on a writing retreat in my very own town, Asheville, NC!  It’s fun to see her perspective on this little town I’ve grown up in that seems so ordinary to me.  So far, though I’m only barely into it, it reminds me of The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer, which is a FAVORITE read of mine.  So I think I will really enjoy this one as well.  I find it super helpful to regularly read things that encourage and inspire me in my role as wife and mother and homemaker.  Creating a home that is cozy, inspiring, happy, and life-giving is a huge priority of mine!

As for knitting, I’ve been working on finishing up some knits this week, but just about to graft the toe of Brandon’s first sock and cast on sock #2 this morning.  He tried them on last night and really liked them, and he’s fairly picky, so I was pleased!  I also need to secretly knit a hat before his birthday next week.  I have a few more gift-y items to finish up and then I feel like I should knit myself something!  I have yet to knit anything for myself.  I’m wanting to try something beyond socks and hats.  I feel like it’s time to attempt my first shawl?  But also.. I want to make some more baby knits.  So many things!

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