winter birthdays

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For the kids’ birthdays we try to do something fun or different on their day, sort of let them decide what activity they want to do (within reason).  At this age it’s so cute because they have no idea what options are available to them, so they ask to go on a bike ride or do a special craft.  I sort of hope it stays that way.  Simple is best!  The hard part about winter birthdays is that there’s not much you can do outside and we don’t want to pay and arm and a leg to play somewhere indoors, either.  We decided to pay for a family day pass to our local YMCA and take the kids climbing and swimming for the morning of Noah’s birthday.

It was such a hit for everyone and a great way for us to play together as a family!  Every one of us had a chance to climb (well, Noah and the littlest only bouldered around) and it was refreshing for B and I to share something we love with the kids.  Phoebe did really well and seemed pretty fearless, so we hope to take her again and let her try going a little higher.  Of course, she made friends immediately with another little girl that was there bouldering around, and they had a blast.

After naps and snacks, Noah wanted to go out for a walk + bike ride.  He saw the moon over head and said, “Look!  The moon is coming with us!”  We came back for dinner and gifts + cake, just us.  He is the shyest birthday celebrant ever.  He didn’t want us singing happy birthday to him, though we did anyway, and he didn’t want us to watch him blowing out his candle or opening his gifts.  We got him a sleeping bag (thanks to my older brother for his pro-deals) and some new pj’s, and that stuffed Captain America (who he called “Jackson America”), because he kept asking for Superman for his birthday (Superman was unavailable, so Capt America stood in).  He was probably most excited about the Lightning McQueen sticker book from his cousins.

This little guy is so fun and special and different from the girls, and it’s such a gift to get to raise a little man child.

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