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I have finished Phoebe’s second sock, just need to weave in the ends.  Should I block them?  I haven’t done that before but was waiting to weave in the ends if you fellow knitters would recommend blocking?  Buying more supplies right now just makes me feel weary.  I am super happy with how quickly sock #2 went, it gives me hope that I can finish Noah’s pair before Christmas.  MAYBE even Philippa’s if I’m crazy. 🙂  I’m also making a big soft cozy bonnet hat for Phoebe with a pink pom-pom and tassels to match her socks.  It’s the same pattern as this one, just white with pink.  She has been asking for one for awhile now.  And a scarf.  Any recommendations for a good, fast, chunky knit kid scarf?  I may just do a basic stockinette stitch scarf or something fast that I can have done by Christmas also.  She already picked out her yarn for it awhile ago.

I’m still reading a couple of Advent books and The Things of Earth (slowly!) but have been quickly reading through Audacious by Beth Moore. She has been somewhat of a spiritual momma to me for many years now, and I will probably read anything she writes.  I admit I thought this one might be cheesy (not sure why), but it has been dead on.  The Lord has been using this one mightily to work some things in my heart in this season.  I will always love that kooky Texas lady with the big hair.  The fruit her labors have borne in my heart are immeasurable!

And here’s a picture of Phoebe’s socks, for those of you who were curious. I can’t wait to see her try them on!  I’m keeping them hidden until Christmas, though.


Joining with Ginny Sheller’s yarn along today.

5 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. There are some socks that I do block. Others don’t seem to need it. It’s really a matter of preference. You can find relatively cheap blockers on KnitPicks. One day I’ll get some nice wood ones!

    1. Thanks, Donna! That’s helpful! I think it would be nice to see it all neat and “finished” looking, but I probably don’t have time to wait for supplies to ship at this point. Wood ones sound lovely!

  2. Love Beth Moore! My friend and I used to joke that she was meant to be our ‘kindred spirit,’ she just didn’t know it yet. 😉 Will have to put this one on my list.

  3. Stocking stitch rolls. What about a chunky garter stitch scarf?

    I use sock blockers the first time (and for photographs).

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