my own little book store!


If you know me or have been reading here at all for any length of time, you know I am a book girl!  I strongly believe in the power of the written word. It has been the primary means by which my life has been altered and improved and shaped in every way.

“The Bible is a book. The implications of that fact are simply staggering. When God contemplated all the possible ways that existed for him as an infinite, omnipotent, all-wise God to transmit and preserve his revelation to the world, he chose a book. And that is simply astonishing. We have no other authoritative access to the knowledge of God and the way of salvation and how to live a life pleasing to the Lord than through this book — either directly by reading it or indirectly from others who have read it…

So once the reality of God’s privileging the written Word with his choice of a book as the decisive means by which he would reveal and preserve the revelation of himself, once that has sunk in, you just can never be indifferent to the reality of books. Again, God has privileged The Book, honored The Book, elevated The Book, esteemed The Book above all other means for his centuries’ long preservation and explanation of his revelation.

So when I say it would be hard to overstate the life-shaping impact of books on my life, I think I am saying something very much in line with God’s purposes for the world.”  –John Piper

Ultimately, the best book that I would recommend to you on any subject would be the Bible.  It speaks to everything, and all of the best books I have read ultimately find their source + inspiration in that Book.  The impact of the Bible on my life is profoundly immeasurable.  It is everything to me and it is the book I will spend my life studying, reading, enjoying, savoring.  Nothing compares.  However, there have been many, many other books that have come to me at just the right time along my journey that have opened my eyes wide to so many beautiful aspects of Truth and of life, being greatly used of God to heal and reform and guide me.  With that being said, so very many of you have asked me for book recommendations, and many of my “in real life” friends do also.  I seem to frequently send out lists to those who reach out and ask for a recommendation on a particular subject or area of struggle.

It is my greatest joy to connect you with the books that have literally shaped and altered and informed my thinking.  I have been working slowly on a little list of the BEST of the best that I have read.  Of course, it will be a continual work in progress as I recall books I forgot to mention, or as I add to it from time to time.

You can now find that list on the slide-out sidebar of my blog under the tab “Recommended Reads.”  Or you can simply click HERE.  Please know, should you choose to click over to this little amazon book store + purchase a book, you are supporting our family in a really precious and important way, at no extra cost to you.  That means so very much to me.  Thank you!

With that being said, I also want to assure you that this list is the honest-to-goodness list I would send you were you to ask me what I would recommend for you to read.  If you were to ask me what words live on in my soul, what books stay on my shelves, some never leaving my bedside table, these are the ones on this list!  I wouldn’t recommend them to you if I hadn’t read them personally and wholeheartedly believe they would be of great benefit to you!

May you find Jesus all the more beautiful + satisfying as you read!

2 thoughts on “my own little book store!”

  1. Martha❤️ Thank you for doing this. I’m so thankful to be a witness to what God is doing in your life and the gifts he has given you. You have a gift of words your self and when you write your blog I’m continually inspired by your words and your life. I heard once from a Christian speaker, how our lives should be what brings others to want to know Christ. For people to see something different, a certain joy we radiate. I see that in you and your journey inspires my journey, and I know many others. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the wisdom you find in the books you read. As always thank you Martha for sharing your love with others. God bless you friend. God is so very good. Big hugs. Ps I pray to God I get to give you a real hug again one day!!

    1. Amy your kindness has always been huge to me! I know it’s been ages since we’ve gotten to hang out together, but I hope you know how much I really love you, friend! Your friendship was a treasure to me in our CO days and still is across the distance. Thanks for your encouragement! It’s always needed. It’s my hope that God is always glorified and seen in me, He is everything to me!

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