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You guys!  I feel so cool right now. 🙂  This is my first time being able to join in with Ginny Sheller’s weekly Yarn Along!  Ginny is a homeschooling, homesteading momma of seven, and a big-time reader + knitter.  Basically, I have fallen in love with knitting via her blog and have been itching to learn.  I’ve had a couple of attempts, but it finally clicked when I spent some time with a friend recently who taught me.


I’ve been working on this free pattern, making a little hat for Philippa and basically working on just my stockinette stitch.  I think I’m about done + ready to bind off.  Will post a picture of the finished product soon.  And I’m officially addicted!  Brandon thinks I’ve finally reached old lady status, but I really can see why people love to knit.  So, if you have any free favorite knitting patterns for beginners that you’ve loved, please let me know in the comment section below!

Also, I’ve been reading this new release, Never Broken: Songs are Only Half the Story, by Jewel.  Her music really spoke to me when I was younger, and I read all her poetry and was encouraged in my own poetry and song writing at the time.  It’s been interesting reading more of her background and story, and at times it’s been hard and depressing.  She experienced a way more difficult childhood than I had known or imagined, abused + neglected by her parents and basically left to fend by herself in the harsh Alaskan wilds.  I have been saddened to see what she had to overcome, and yet surprised at how well she endured it, and how graciously and intelligently she writes her story.  Also, sometimes we think people who have “made it” so successfully in their field, in her case selling millions of albums, have arrived there by chance, probably one day being “discovered” and everything going on smoothly from there.  Reading her book reminds me that it is a ton of work, constant “trying again,” often overcoming difficult criticism and misunderstanding to continue to offer your art to the world.  I’m not quite done with it, just the last few chapters left now.  I’ve enjoyed it but I’m ready to move on to some other books I’ve put on hold!

16 thoughts on “Yarn Along”

  1. Welcome to the world of knitting. One of the easiest and most useful patterns ever is grandmothers favorite dishcloth which can be found on Revelry and on the web.

  2. Yay for learning to knit, it’s the best hobby! Can’t wait to see the hat 🙂 the scarf I’m doing right now is a perfect beginner project, it’s just rows and rows of knit stitch finished with a couple of giant pompoms!

  3. A new knitter! You should know knitters are never happier than when they find another knitter to connect with. Welcome to the obsession. You know, my favorite earliest projects were simple basket weave scarves with four knit stitches followed by four purls and then four more knit and so on. I don’t usually recommend scarves for beginners because they can take so long and contribute to burnout but in my case they helped me by giving me a lot of practice with both knitting and purling together. Otherwise, learn to knit in the round as fast as you can and then hats will open up in a new way!

    1. Sarah, thanks for the welcome! And for the recommendation. I may try my hand at a scarf but it does sound kind of boring to me. Any good patterns for maybe like an infinity scarf or a simple shawl that you have loved? And yes, I want to ask my friend to teach me to knit in the round next! Seems everything I’m interested in trying (socks, sweaters, etc.) has to be knit that way.

  4. Hi
    congratulations on almost finishing your first project. I love the Milo Vest pattern, it’s knit in the round. It’s not free but it’s worth everyday penny.

  5. Hi
    congratulations on almost finishing your first project. I love the Milo Vest pattern, it’s knit in the round. It’s not free but it’s worth everyday penny.o

  6. Welcome to the world of knitting. My favorite simple pattern is Grandmother’s Favorite dishcloth, you can find this pattern on Ravelry or just google it and find it on the internet. It is mindless knitting at its best and you get a nice, useful item as well. They make great gifts paired with soap or a special bottle of dishwashing soap such as Mrs. Meyers. Happy crafting! Anne

    1. That would probably be good for me so I can just keep practicing and also because I can always use new dishcloths myself. I love your gift idea!!! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Hi Martha…welcome to Yarn Along!!

    And thanks for the link to the book you are reading. I’ve just reserved it from the library. It sounds good!! xx

    1. Hey Lynda! Thanks for the welcome! I just finished up the hat I was making this weekend and it was a flop.. I didn’t realize I had used the wrong size needles. I may try the same pattern again and redeem it. 🙂 I hope you enjoy Jewel’s book. Don’t you just love the library? Also, your blog is lovely! I can’t believe you have flowers blooming. We’re gearing up for winter here.

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