This Easter was special in so many ways.  I’m learning to treasure this time of year more + more as I continue to learn about the significance of the resurrection of Jesus for my day-to-day living.  My children, each year, are more able to share in that understanding and excitement.  It was Philippa’s first Easter and the first year my older two were able to really enjoy hunting for hidden eggs.  It was so sweet to see Phoebe intentionally leave eggs for Noah to find and hear her calling out to him, telling him where to look.  It was the first year we sort of had a very simple kind of Passover meal (though I forgot the unleavened bread and couldn’t get the readings to print in time, and we had it on Easter day instead of Maundy Thursday).  A certain four-year-old of mine got her first pair of “heels” for Easter, much to daddy’s chagrin.  What was super special and such a humbling honor was the opportunity to share with my church family a little about my story of getting lost in the snowy Colorado backcountry 14 years ago and God’s hand in preserving my life (which you can read more about here), along with a few others who shared particular ways God showed Himself strong on their behalf in the midst of difficult times.  It made our Easter worship at church extra special for me!  It was pretty much impossible this year to get a good family picture, but we captured what we could.  Hope your day was special celebrating our risen + living Savior with loved ones!

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