My Fringe Hours

I’m so excited to be a part of Jessica Turner‘s launch team for her forthcoming book (February 17th, you guys!!) The Fringe Hours.

10891686_10152979892927605_3658189432214161554_nAccording to Jessica,

“Fringe hours are those little pockets of time throughout the day that often go underused or are wasted altogether… Literally a limited or appointed piece of time that is found in the margins of a day.”

“Activities and passions pursued during the fringe hours make a life more beautiful and the participant feel more alive and more uniquely herself.”

I’ll write more on the book soon, but for now, I just wanted to share some of what I’ve been enjoying in my fringe hours!  It’s been a really great reminder to me that we have to take care of ourselves + our own souls before we have much to give to anyone else.  I’ve been way more intentional lately in my fringe hours (or moments) each day to think about choosing what will most refresh me.  Somedays that has been staying up late to read or to write.  Some days it has been getting outside and going for a trail run in the brisk cold air.  Some days it’s taking time to snap + edit pics of my sweet babes.

960286_10153067030767605_4453147573472812647_n 10953434_10153075793632605_8742588332230187999_n 10953964_10153080756392605_4586440351919340520_n 10802013_10153040668127605_4421630467436692557_n 10455663_10153082965702605_4817692557835972920_n

What do you do in your fringe hours?  Do you make a point to refresh and rest your soul by doing what you love and what makes you come alive?

Also, if you’re interested in winning a free + signed copy of Jessica Turner’s book, check out this giveaway on her blog!

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