A fireman’s birthday

Back in December before Christmas my littlest man turned 2 years old and we had a little fireman birthday for him.  He helped make pancakes in the morning with Daddy, his favorite breakfast lately.


After breakfast we headed off to a nearby fire station to see the real firemen + trucks.  It was such a treat!  Those guys are so helpful and so willing to teach, and they made our little guy’s birthday so special!  Also, they responded to a call while we were there, so the kids got to see the firemen in action (thus the picture below where the firemen left their boots as they jumped into their suits and left).



Also, we’re at my husband’s parent’s house today and I saw this picture of my husband when he was a little dude, wearing a little fireman’s hat:


Pretty cute.  Anyway, it was a sweet day with our favorite little boy.  We sure do love you, little N!

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