There is good news

In the dead of night it can be hardest to hold onto the truths we believe.  For some reason in the dark of night, when it just seems so very dark and you can barely remember the day, it is hardest to hope.  During the day and the busy ordinary rushing, the fear sometimes seems to lessen, seems silly, even.

Maybe you’re coming off of a difficult night, a night spent battling anxiety, fear, worry over the future instead of spent sleeping.  Maybe you’ve had a night where you’ve felt nothing but weak and faltering, where you’ve whispered the words, “Lord, I cannot do this.  I am failing You!”

There is good news
There is good truth
That you could never change
No matter what you do

You are loved
More than you know
More than you could hope for
After everything you’ve done

As sure as the sun will rise
And chase away the night
His mercy will not end
His mercy will not end

There is good news
Theres a promise
That no matter where you go
You will never be alone

In the dark
In the doubting
When you can’t feel anything
Always, love remains the same

Even through the night, oh
Silver stars will shine, oh
Hope of glory’s light
That will wake us once again

                            *          *          *          *          *

As sure as the sun rose this morning, even after a very dark night of soul, the sun will rise again.  His mercy will. not. end.  You are not alone.  Even though you feel like you have to go through this alone, you are never alone.  He abides.  He abides with us when we are faithless and failing.

So if you’re going into the night, if you’re in the dark of night.. He is with us.  Where no one else can go, where no one else can walk, in the very valley of the shadow of death, His rod and His staff will comfort us.  “All the way, my Shepherd leads me, what have I to ask beside?”

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