Fall at the Farm

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October is simply the best month to live in North Carolina.  We try to savor every minute of it before all the beauty and color falls from the trees and the long, cold winter comes upon us.

A couple weekends ago we visited our favorite local farm again, which is the most fun to do in the fall.  There are hay rides, kiddie cart rides, apples + pumpkins, beehives and fresh cider being made, goats that wander in the barn above your head, rope + tire swings, pigs, chicks, turkeys, a corn maze, a creek to play in, and a quaint little farm store to buy all the lovely things the farm produces.  And little cider pops for 50 cents!  Recently, we saw a Groupon for a free ticket to the farm so we planned to go when my husband’s parents would be in town and take the kids.

My pictures from the day are sort of haphazard, as was my brain that day, but we were busy enjoying the fun.  Phoebe got to see her friend from dance, also named Phoebe, and they rode the kiddie cart ride together (the highlight of the day for Phoebe, outside of being with her Baba + Nain).  I’ve written before about the farm here.

And, of course you know I stopped at the Flying Cloud Farm stand on the way back and bought some blooms!

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