So last weekend was the big 3-0 for me.  Kind of crazy, kind of ordinary.  It definitely feels like the end of a season, a long, tumultuous season of being in my twenties.  But with that end also comes a fresh beginning.  I am excited about being thirty, even though the usual things kind of freak me out too (ie: aging, wrinkles, aging).  I’ve never felt more secure in who I am and settled in that, as opposed  to the grasping and groping and uncertainty of my twenties.  Of course, I am FAR from being done in that arena, but it’s the most free I’ve ever been in Christ and in understanding who He made me to be.  And that is certainly cause for rejoicing!

We had a simple day of enjoying family (my mom and I share the same birthday), and my one request was an early morning breakfast date with my very favorites to an awesome breakfast spot in Biltmore Village, the Corner Kitchen.  I had been salivating for their Hickory Nut Gap Chorizo + Eggs for a solid week.  I like going out for dinner as much as any girl, but I think breakfast dates are still my very favorite.  There’s just something magical about being starving and rested and getting hot, fresh coffee, eggs + bacon.  It was perfect.

I didn’t get enough pictures from the day *at all* but here are a few:Image




This man and these two precious kiddos (plus #3 on the way) are the very best and sweetest treasures!  I love our little family so much and am so very thankful for them.

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