when He gives storms

one of the things i love the most about living in these blue North Carolina mountains are the spring/summer storms.  even though i have been struck by lightning before once while on a backpacking trip (yes, for real) i still L O V E a good thunderstorm.  and i love the way these late-May days start gorgeous and calm and sunny, and build to a fierce afternoon thunderstorm.  one of those storms is descending on us right now, as i type.  yesterday was the same, and we had significant rainfall and hail.  here’s a picture of our garden & driveway as the storm was petering out yesterday:


and yet, a few minutes after the storm moved on, the glorious sun came out and the water soaked into the earth, and we ran out in rain boots to play in the puddles (and check our garden for any damage).  the kids loved it and the light was great for pictures, so i snapped away.

this girl and her love for dresses lately.. she is so adorable in this one

showing me the mud on her boots

the storm rolling out



here’s to enjoying whatever God gives!

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