kids + ducks

This past weekend we visited my husband’s family.  We all went on a little walk to a pond nearby to feed the ducks.  It was our kids’ first time feeding the ducks and they were so excited!  I love how children help us remember that the simple + ordinary are heavy-laden with joy.


These glorious blooms were a sight for my sore eyes!  Spring really is coming!!


Our son, so interested in the noisy ducks.


We realized there was a huge hawk overhead.


The little man was pretty devastated when he realized the moldy bread was actually for the ducks.


Yeah, I pretty much can’t resist that pouty face.


Little N & his “Baba.”


P and her “Nain.”


One of the kids’ Aunties was along, as well.


Daddy and our two little ones.  My three favorites.


Hope you’re seeing some sun wherever you are and maybe even the first blooms of the season!

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