snow day


we woke up to the welcomed surprise of ice & snow!  up on this mountain, it means we are staying in, and that means daddy is staying home!  the kids didn’t waste a minute:


and as quickly as we could, we bundled up, snotty noses and all, for a walk in the dusting of snow before it all melted away (which it did, pretty much by the end of our walk).



happy girl in the littlest bit of snow!

our hearts are full and thankful even for the simple joy of being all together today and seeing snow falling.  i hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving tomorrow!

1 thought on “snow day”

  1. Oh the value of those precious moments that we can so easily take for granted….a short walk in the freshly fallen snow! What joy it is to this ole Papa to see his heritage enjoying our Heavenly Father’s bounty of goodness!

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