“Now, God?  Like, literally, right now?”

“Now.  Begin.”

That’s what has been keeping me from beginning.. not knowing how to begin.  But here goes.

So I have been thinking about, praying about, wrestling over whether or not to start a blog.  Everyone has a blog, it seems.  What could I possibly have to say?  I have been making a lot of excuses and asking a lot of questions. But its time.  Time to just follow and to obey.  Time to BEGIN.

Somedays the need to write is like a fire burning in my bones, restless and fierce to be released.

But the self-doubt and the fear are enough most days to keep me quiet.  And busyness does its work, too.

It’s time to begin.  To take that first step, in courage, in faith and trust in the One who calls and leads and equips.  Time to carve out another small space in this internet world to shine a tiny light to the glory of His magnificent name, the name of Jesus!

So this is my brief hello!

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